Medical Source Statements
Take Your Case to the Next Level.
To be found disabled, you must show the Social Security Administration that you suffer from a severe medical condition that prevents you from engaging in competitive employment. This is usually done through your medical records. However, treatment notes alone may sometimes not be enough to convince SSA. 

A medical source statement (MSS) is a form for your treating doctor to complete. It details your medical conditions and their effects on your ability to work. If the form is consistent with the rest of your medical evidence of record, then there is a good chance that Social Security will adopt its findings and find you disabled.

Keep in mind that Social Security processes thousands of applications each year. Not all of them have a MSS. Obtaining one of these from your physicial will make your case stand apart. Our firm has created custom MSS forms for different medical conditions. They are available to download below in PDF format. Print them, take them to your physicians, and have them returned to us via fax ((606) 478-5109) or email .

Mental MSS ​​68kb

Physical MSS

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